EPRO Kinesiology Tape - Black 6.5m (Included Free Extra 1.5m)

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EPRO Kinesiology Tape (EPROTAPE) is specifically designed to give your muscles and joints much needed support. 

It has a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism that gently lifts the layer of skin away from the soft tissue beneath to allow more blood and other body fluids to flow freely to the weak area, to relieve pain and faster recovery.


The high quality adhesive used by EPROTAPE has excellent skin cohesiveness that grips longer and it's durable for all day long.

EPROTAPE has soft, comfortable and highly breathable fabric made of 96% cotton and 4% spandex. It has the flexibility that will not restrict your movement in any sport.


Product Features:

- Material: cotton

- Size: 6.5 meter (Included Free Extra 1.5 meter). Normal pack 5 meter.

- 100% latex free

- Hypoallergenic

- Water resistant

- Strong adhesive

- Light weight

- Highly breathable

- Flexible expandable


Benefit of EPROTAPE:

- Support muscles and joints

- Relieve pain

- Promote blood flow for faster recovery

- Reduce muscle fatigue

- Enhance performance

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